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Rabi's X Page
Sorata's X World
X2 pics

Official CLAMP Website

- Other Shoujo Related Pages -

Shoujo & General Anime/Manga
A great place to visit for shoujo lovers
Matt Thorn's shojo page
Thank you Matt for translating so many shojo mangas for us!
Hakusensha Homepage
from the publishers of Hana to Yume
Biblos Homepage
from the publishers of Be-boy comics
Zahara-chan's anime/manga page
A great place for some manga translations
Grace's World
Good selection on shoujo mangas.
You Higuri Shrine
Creator of Seimaden and Ludwing II
Zadeisama's Seimaden Page
Angel Santuary ML
Manga translations & other goodies!
A yaoi lover's dream

- Other Links -

Anime Web Turnpike
Seiyyu Database
Info on your fav. voice actors!
Cyber Namida
Great for X-Japan info
Lupin Gang Anime
Fan subbers
The Techno Girls
Very good shoujo fansubbers
Hana Yori Anime
Shoujo fansubbers
C Sue Shambaugh's Homepage
A Japanese Translator

- On-line Stores -

Chinese Online Comics
Great place to order mangas for those who can't get the original versions
Anime Nation
Special orders cd's & mangas

Soundtrack Central
Specializes in video game cd's
Game Music Online
Sonmay Homepage
Taiwan CD company. Makes unlicensed Japanese CD's (order as last resort)

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